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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Great Outcome of a Simple Deed: paper planes

Hi again everyone and sorry for not posting anything up for such a long time. I've been busy with both uni and church. Assignments was scary and exams was good. I'm only free today after church as I've been busy practicing for this church concert last Friday, which i was participating in 4 programs. I was a bit disappointed at myself as i was dumb enough to bring my 35mm lens to a concert and i couldn't get any shots of the concert with good framing. It wasn't a very productive night for me in photography, i caught a pretty good shot of my brother holding a "please be quiet" sign!! Hahaha.

Besides that, the concert was pretty successful. it was almost a full house and thank God for that wonderful night.

Despite all these busy events, I've been in a pretty good mood and life is going great for me once again. although there were some pretty bad arguments but it turned out to be a joke, which is good when there's no one holding grudges against each other anymore.

2 weeks ago on a Saturday night, when i was at the usual Saturday cmyf, we were told that there is this kid name Ashton only about 8 or 9 years old, had a brain tumor. Given coloured papers, all of us made paper origami birds ( paper folding art) for the kid with a message on it. I'm had no idea how to make these birds so i decided to make something i learnt from my childhood. paper planes!!!! its not a normal flying paper plane. its this!!

I made 2 of those and was given to the kid. 3 days later we received an email from his parents saying a big thank you to us and especially for the plane, which Ashton played with and had a lot of fun with. It might not be the one I've made but I was glad that he liked it. I'd never felt something so touching before. Now I've really seen God's grace working among us and i hope that this kid Ashton will survive this hardship. For those of you reading this, please pray hard for Ashton as he will be going on an operation soon. Successful or not it all depends on God.
Pray HARD!!!

Here are some black and white photos for this post. Enjoy!!!!


  1. awesome. i'll pray hard for ashton.

  2. awesome. i'll pray hard for ashton.

  3. for your information, Ashton had had an brain operation and had his tumour removed, now recovering in sydney....

  4. coool.. very coool.. thank God for His Mercy and Grace! hang in there, Ashton