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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Great Outcome of a Simple Deed: paper planes

Hi again everyone and sorry for not posting anything up for such a long time. I've been busy with both uni and church. Assignments was scary and exams was good. I'm only free today after church as I've been busy practicing for this church concert last Friday, which i was participating in 4 programs. I was a bit disappointed at myself as i was dumb enough to bring my 35mm lens to a concert and i couldn't get any shots of the concert with good framing. It wasn't a very productive night for me in photography, i caught a pretty good shot of my brother holding a "please be quiet" sign!! Hahaha.

Besides that, the concert was pretty successful. it was almost a full house and thank God for that wonderful night.

Despite all these busy events, I've been in a pretty good mood and life is going great for me once again. although there were some pretty bad arguments but it turned out to be a joke, which is good when there's no one holding grudges against each other anymore.

2 weeks ago on a Saturday night, when i was at the usual Saturday cmyf, we were told that there is this kid name Ashton only about 8 or 9 years old, had a brain tumor. Given coloured papers, all of us made paper origami birds ( paper folding art) for the kid with a message on it. I'm had no idea how to make these birds so i decided to make something i learnt from my childhood. paper planes!!!! its not a normal flying paper plane. its this!!

I made 2 of those and was given to the kid. 3 days later we received an email from his parents saying a big thank you to us and especially for the plane, which Ashton played with and had a lot of fun with. It might not be the one I've made but I was glad that he liked it. I'd never felt something so touching before. Now I've really seen God's grace working among us and i hope that this kid Ashton will survive this hardship. For those of you reading this, please pray hard for Ashton as he will be going on an operation soon. Successful or not it all depends on God.
Pray HARD!!!

Here are some black and white photos for this post. Enjoy!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New beginning New plan!

Lately I've been seeing new life growing out of everywhere. I see them around my house, in my lab, everywhere I go. Its not just plants but also people. I saw flowers blooming even before spring. I saw plants sprouting in jars of agar in my lab. And even the CMYF that I attend to had a few new comers.

Is this what God wants me to see? This winter has been the worst season for me. With all my problems, I've been through the worst I've ever experienced. Depression had brought me down to that extent that even my hobby wouldn't cheer me up.

A few days ago, a friend told me that its because of the down fall that someone might just get the chance to change to become a better person. Am I changing because of this? Or maybe I can't see myself change. That friend even reminded me about my old self when i was still happy go lucky, or should i say " Sunshine "?? Am I changing into someone that I don't want to be? Am I already losing the "glow"??

Maybe God is trying to show me that it is not the end when all my plans are down the drain. Maybe all the flowers blooming was a sign telling me that its not the end but its a new beginning.

I just want to say a big thank you to those who remembered me in prayer. The photo that had me thinking of all this will be dedicated to all those who stood by and supported me!!

THANKS GUYS!!! I will not fail again!!!! I will be the sunshine like before!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


That was an advice from a friend last night when i was not in my best condition. I tried to sleep but I can't. I tried to pray but there's always something in the way. My selfishness has turned me into someone that I do not want to be. My confidence made the person i love worried that it might turned back and hurt me and it just did.

Nothing is impossible, that's the phrase that kept me going all these years. But this does not apply in every situation. I've finally understand that love is not just about sparks and chemistry. its about the commitment and committing to a person you love can never be an easy thing, especially those who are living a different kind of life. All they ever wanted is the sense of security, which is one thing that i am not able to provide at the moment, and by the time I'm fully established, it might be too late to even think of getting what i wanted before.

I woke up this morning and received an email from my mum. it was an upper room devotional passage and it hit me right there.

Ask, and it will be given you; search, and you will find; knock, and the door will be opened for you.

-Matthew 7:7 (NRSV)

I've asked and i was given an answer, I've searched and I did find it, and all this time i've been knocking on the door and its still not opening. I'm not sure if my thoughts are correct or logical or whatever, but if the door was not meant to be opened this early, i will keep knocking!!

I've failed once and it won't happen again. i will knock my way up to the top. I will not be brought down by the problems I'm facing right now!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hypocisy: Not A Big Fan Of It

I wonder how many of us thinks that we, ourselves are not a hypocrite? and yet we say someone else is a hypocrite? All that we've been through during our life time is a record of our lives. Both bad and good. Would you say you never did anything shameful? And yet we despised those who made the same mistakes as we did before.

From what I've seen for the past few years, hypocrisy has become more of a cycle of life than a mistake we made. I've seen enough hypocrisy around the people i spent my life with. From the church, from the place i stay, from my classmates, and even myself. I admit that I do have my hypocritical moments once in a while and I've tried my best to ignore the mistakes of my fellow friends.

We are all human beings. We are suppose to help each other out, Not despise one another. Mistakes we've been through can be a really helpful lessen for those who are not aware of it. When you see someone doing something wrong, go and ADVICE!!! NOT TALK SHIT ABOUT THEM AT THEIR BACK AND SPOIL THEIR IMAGE!!!!! Don't even think that no one else is gossiping about you at your back. Talking about the same mistakes you've made back in the days. HYPOCRISY!! Doesn't it look like a cycle to you?

I hope those who are reading this post knows their place in their social life. Stop being a hypocrite and do something good. You are not helping the society by being a hypocrite. Reach out to those who you think you can help out, forgive and forget. Think of a person u Despise most and reach out to them.

ANYWAY!!! as i promised on the last post! here's some Bokeh photos I've taken. Enjoy!!

this is my favorite Bokeh!! nice and sharp.

TTC (time to ciao)!!!!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Snow & Cells For Holiday

I went to the snow mountain today at mount buller and i was actually glad that i didn't ski and kill half of my body off by falling down the ski slope. NO!! No skiing for me!! NOT EVER AGAIN!!
Anyway.....This is the 1st time my camera was not with me on a trip. What made me leave my camera behind?? It all started a few days ago when i heard rumors about how extreme weather affects the camera. Because the camera body i had does not have any weather protection properties, and the rumor was that internal frost might occur because of the cold weather. I was so paranoid!!! But still, its not too much of a big deal and Dennis brought his up there and nothing happened to it. Missed out!! hihihi...

Next Monday will be my last day of my work placement, which i'm going to check on my Colo16 cancer cells!!! And this time i did not get any help from my mentor. I did all the set up, the procedures, protocols, calculation and clean up myself!! So i'm really really excited to see if my cells are growing well. Here are some photos of the cells and its in black & white

this is the Colo16 cells

and this will be the HaCaT cells

Alright, its late now and i'm sleepy. I was suppose to post up some of my bokeh (area that is not in focus in a photo) collection. will post it on my next post!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Placement Good and Bad!!

Today is my 5th day of work placement. Guess what!!! i don't feel like working!! Sitting the lab staring at my mentor working in the lab was not what i expected when i 1st heard about RMIT bundoora research center. The lab is not like the usual lab that most of us use back in uni. NO no no.... Its the worst lab ever!!! Everything is everywhere and the lab technicians had no clue of anything. I reckon my teachers were crapping about how good the research center was. i have to travel for 2 hours just to get to the campus, sit there and do nothing for the whole day!! I getting so jealous of my other friends who are at least doing some work in some other lab.

I'm currently working (sitting there doing nothing) in the lab with 2 PHD students and one honors student. 1 of the PHD student from NZ didn't have a clue of what he's doing! Not even dilutions and basic aseptic techniques. That's pretty sad!!! Thank God my mentor knows all he needs to know. But still i did nothing for the whole 5 days of work experience. However, he gave me some cancer cells to play with next week. OHH RIGHT!!! 1 more week to go then i'm done with my placement!!

Here are some Macro photos i took during my holiday! More water droplets!! And some weird ones taken around the house.

this one is blur but its a good try!!

This is the morning condensation of water on the glass windows at my place. Its so beautiful with the sun shining through!!
A little bit too much editing but its worth a try too!! haha

this photo is taken while focusing through the peep hole of the front door!!

Enjoy!! will post something up soon..

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

thoughts after exams

theres nothing i could do after exams to keep me up and going. thus making me bored!! being bored makes me think a lot and i've really been thinking a lot. about my studies, family, future, love, and spiritual life. it seems like everything is falling well in its place for now but i have a really bad feeling that something might go wrong sooner or later..there has been alot of 'what if' questions going on in my head.

advices given by friends are mostly about letting God take care of whatever comes next. but in my opinion, doing nothing for your future will never make your dreams come true. not even God can help you if you don't help yourself.

i've been through ups and downs in my life and mostly down. its only these 2 years i'm trying my best to make my life better. i wonder how much more do i have to do to repay all the bad things i've done, all the disappointments i've caused and all the feelings i've hurt. it seems to be never ending if i really want to correct them all. the time i've wasted is unforgivable (for me at least). i wouldn't be doing diploma now if i put in effort in my past life. but on the other hand i'm really grateful that i ended up in Melbourne and doing my diploma. i'm living a great life with great friends giving me support spiritually and emotionally. my relationship with my family members are alot better. i wonder if this is a little bit too much to receive when i only did so little for my life. i have dreams of doing alot more than what i've done do deserve what i have now. God's grace is indeed powerful. without it i wouldnt have experience my childhood, and without it i wont be writing these stuff on my blog now!!being able to love someone again is wonderful. i thought i could control my emotions but it wasn't easy, promises made by myself were broken and i felt alot better after breaking it.

anyway.. i'll be having workplacement soon in bundoora. i hope it goes smoothly and not hurting myself or others in the process of it!! haha...

wishing all the students out there a happy holiday and those going away a safe trip and a successful future.

here are some crazy and normal photos of adeline who will be leaving melbourne soon back to kuching!!

Farewell Adeline!! have a great life back in kuching! God Bless!! dont forget ur frens in melb!!!