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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Snow & Cells For Holiday

I went to the snow mountain today at mount buller and i was actually glad that i didn't ski and kill half of my body off by falling down the ski slope. NO!! No skiing for me!! NOT EVER AGAIN!!
Anyway.....This is the 1st time my camera was not with me on a trip. What made me leave my camera behind?? It all started a few days ago when i heard rumors about how extreme weather affects the camera. Because the camera body i had does not have any weather protection properties, and the rumor was that internal frost might occur because of the cold weather. I was so paranoid!!! But still, its not too much of a big deal and Dennis brought his up there and nothing happened to it. Missed out!! hihihi...

Next Monday will be my last day of my work placement, which i'm going to check on my Colo16 cancer cells!!! And this time i did not get any help from my mentor. I did all the set up, the procedures, protocols, calculation and clean up myself!! So i'm really really excited to see if my cells are growing well. Here are some photos of the cells and its in black & white

this is the Colo16 cells

and this will be the HaCaT cells

Alright, its late now and i'm sleepy. I was suppose to post up some of my bokeh (area that is not in focus in a photo) collection. will post it on my next post!!!

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