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Friday, July 17, 2009

Hypocisy: Not A Big Fan Of It

I wonder how many of us thinks that we, ourselves are not a hypocrite? and yet we say someone else is a hypocrite? All that we've been through during our life time is a record of our lives. Both bad and good. Would you say you never did anything shameful? And yet we despised those who made the same mistakes as we did before.

From what I've seen for the past few years, hypocrisy has become more of a cycle of life than a mistake we made. I've seen enough hypocrisy around the people i spent my life with. From the church, from the place i stay, from my classmates, and even myself. I admit that I do have my hypocritical moments once in a while and I've tried my best to ignore the mistakes of my fellow friends.

We are all human beings. We are suppose to help each other out, Not despise one another. Mistakes we've been through can be a really helpful lessen for those who are not aware of it. When you see someone doing something wrong, go and ADVICE!!! NOT TALK SHIT ABOUT THEM AT THEIR BACK AND SPOIL THEIR IMAGE!!!!! Don't even think that no one else is gossiping about you at your back. Talking about the same mistakes you've made back in the days. HYPOCRISY!! Doesn't it look like a cycle to you?

I hope those who are reading this post knows their place in their social life. Stop being a hypocrite and do something good. You are not helping the society by being a hypocrite. Reach out to those who you think you can help out, forgive and forget. Think of a person u Despise most and reach out to them.

ANYWAY!!! as i promised on the last post! here's some Bokeh photos I've taken. Enjoy!!

this is my favorite Bokeh!! nice and sharp.

TTC (time to ciao)!!!!

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