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Friday, June 26, 2009

Placement Good and Bad!!

Today is my 5th day of work placement. Guess what!!! i don't feel like working!! Sitting the lab staring at my mentor working in the lab was not what i expected when i 1st heard about RMIT bundoora research center. The lab is not like the usual lab that most of us use back in uni. NO no no.... Its the worst lab ever!!! Everything is everywhere and the lab technicians had no clue of anything. I reckon my teachers were crapping about how good the research center was. i have to travel for 2 hours just to get to the campus, sit there and do nothing for the whole day!! I getting so jealous of my other friends who are at least doing some work in some other lab.

I'm currently working (sitting there doing nothing) in the lab with 2 PHD students and one honors student. 1 of the PHD student from NZ didn't have a clue of what he's doing! Not even dilutions and basic aseptic techniques. That's pretty sad!!! Thank God my mentor knows all he needs to know. But still i did nothing for the whole 5 days of work experience. However, he gave me some cancer cells to play with next week. OHH RIGHT!!! 1 more week to go then i'm done with my placement!!

Here are some Macro photos i took during my holiday! More water droplets!! And some weird ones taken around the house.

this one is blur but its a good try!!

This is the morning condensation of water on the glass windows at my place. Its so beautiful with the sun shining through!!
A little bit too much editing but its worth a try too!! haha

this photo is taken while focusing through the peep hole of the front door!!

Enjoy!! will post something up soon..

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