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Saturday, September 1, 2007

1st day holiday in sibu(my hometown)

finally back in sibu..
sweet sweet home.
but its all messed up..renovation is still in progress..i want my room!!!!

ended up sleeping at my grandma's place.haiz.. my mum saw my phats(shuffling pants) last night when i took it out.she thinks i'm gonna wear it to go lepak in shopping way man!!

about my messed up house...the design is a bit weird so i went and check it out.everywhere was so freaking dusty.went to my room and it's still the same except for the windows was covered up.I'm wondering if mum asked to renovate my room or is the master room.there's only 2 windows.hope its gonna be airy enough for my dad..and its damn low..i mean low to the ground might fall through that window and there's no roof or any platform to hold them.scary..and i found out my maids room is now bigger then my room. : (

had some of my mum's cooking and went out wif frens for a fishing trip..was excited at 1st, but we found out that the the flow was too strong..caught 5 fishes...5 small fishes...bad of the fish flapped around while its still caught on the fren was swinging it to the shore but instead,the fish ended up stabbing its fin in to my other fren's weist.thank God he was facing the fish sideways or else the fin would have stabbed into his nuts..HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!..and its about 3cm thick..he's suffering like hell there while me and my other frens was laughing at him...hahaha..of cos after that we helped him pulled off the fish..he went insane and cut off the fish's fin and stab it into its head..pity the fish..then he performed an operation on the fish..disgusting..almost vomited my mums bak ku teh out...all the livers, intestines, heart, eggs out off the fish.. i'm sure if Rachel's there,she would be damn happy and interested..

went to my frens car accessories shop..saw all the sound system..reminded me off my lost car.

I WANT MY CAR BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!SOB!!!!!
and i miss my cat!!! dont know if its doing well in kl..hope my fren takes care of it well...and by the way,the cat is called Aerosol.haha..

miss my frens in of them is a birthday boy.and they are happily celebrating his birthday in kl while i'm fishing for small stabbing fish..miss the girl that i like also..haiz.9 more days to go..till the holiday ends..

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