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Sunday, September 2, 2007


went to my church in sibu.good old times in church..

wait..somethings wrong..things are getting worst and worst in the youth worship service..the members are reducing and the advisers doesn't seems to give a damn..haiz...wht happened to the old youth worship service???everything was in a mess..projector guy screwed up the slide show..and it doesn't have the same feeling like before anymore..i wish they have the previous worship team back..good old times..

i want a canon ixus 9.5mp camera!!!!!!so damn nice and i just received a sms from Rachel saying that her parents bought her that cam for her birthday...ah!!!!!!!!...damn lucky...the jealousy....ah!!!!

"mum i want one too"..(she's gonna kill me if i ask) :...(


Finally i had crabs for dinner...the was the best crab i've ever tasted..the meat was so freaking hard and juicy and sweet(hard means nice..different from chicken)

and now i'm watching videos from youtube..found out that the infinite hardstyle team is actually a very talented team..i wish i can be like them...pros...just need more practice..

oOK...enough for today..back to the phone wif rachel..*tab*

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