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Monday, September 3, 2007

3rd day holiday...KITTENS!!!!!

i'm wondering if Aerosol is doing alright.i miss my cat..aerosol!!!! more week to go..then i can see u again... thats Aerosol..cute isnt it.
blur pic hehe..

went fishing for 2 times today..caught nothing in the afternoon and caught 1 big one at night..our luck is being washed away by the river..had a long talk wif Brendan at the riverside while waiting for the fish to eat the bait..we took a video of a boat driver taking a bath on his boat wif the water from the river..(dont worry, no naked scenes were recorded.the boat driver was wearing his pants).besides that,i took a video of myself shuffling on the boat.i know its a bit stupid but we had nothing else better to do..5 speed boat drove along the river that noon and the wave from the boat shoke the boat that i'm chilling on so hard that i still have the dizzy spinning shaking feeling in my head now(seasick)hahaha

back for 3 days already makes me realize that all my sibu frens have become lazy and some are abit back stabbing.except for brendan and ah yu.they are the only 2 frens that really hang out wif me for these few days..others are sleepy and dotaing their life away..haiz..its a screwed up holiday....

list of things i wanna do in sibu
  1. have some quality time wif family
  2. to enjoy nice sibu food
  3. find all my frens to go lepak
  4. to drive my car
  5. go clubbing in sibu

as u can see from my previous posts,No3 and No4 from the list above would be difficult..impossible holidays is not that fun more lim teh session..and no more fren talk and no more meetings...damn..this is bad..

suggestion for mum after she retires.

after my lunch,i had a talk wif my mum bout the shopping mall in sibu..and there's a body shop in scene in sibu is actually improving..

since my mum told me bout her opening up a store after she retires,i suggested opening a SUB shop.hehe..currently my favourite clothing shop.haha..then i can get cheap SUB cloths..haha(dont know if its possible or not)

talking bout cloths,i wan a baxx hoodie!!!!

i wan i wan i wan!!!!!!but its out of stock.haiz.....

oh well its the end again for this post..gonna go to ZZZZZZZ...........

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