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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

money=root to all sad lifes

long story fren owes ppl money...and its not just 100 or 200 but he stupid or wht..wasted all his money on car sound system..for wht? showing off?whose gonna give money to u when u show off and whose gonna pay for all the expanses?ur parents?yes of cos.. but do u have the heart to use all that hard earn money from ur parents?haiz...

i know if i tell u how much my shuffling pants is.. u guys will say the same to me.but i have to starve myself to save up my own money for things that i want.i never ask my mum to buy me the stuff that i want. but compare to wht my fren does..haiz..

spending on shuffling VS spending on cars sound system

  1. its a dance it makes u sweat,good for health
  2. builds up ur socialising skills if u do hang out wif other shufflers
  3. increase stability of ur body.

cars sound system
  1. show off,might cause jealousy to other ppl.then ur car's in danger
  2. let urself listen only wht the use?
  3. its spoils ur ear(normally teens like to blast their speakers)
  4. it breaks ur car(sound from the sub woofer helps unscrews ur car.. bad!!)
  5. doesnt help in accidents(might also make it worst)

so for the viewers of my blog..pls..if ur really interested,just buy wht u can afford.lower ur volume and careful on the road..think bout ur families and ur friends.use ur money on wht u need,not on wht u want..DONT ever borrow money to buy stuff.if things like this happens to u, me and u gonna have a long talk...LONG!!! talk...

having friend talk at kampung while waiting for ah yu to finish his fishing session.

Darrel!! a proper sibu ppl..look at how he sits

the guy who got stab by a fish fin..still standing

brendan..nothing to say bout him..hehe
for those mckl students have fun during ur holiday..TTC(time to ciao)!!!!

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