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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Good Bye Aerosol!!!...sob..

so small and so cute
now so big and cute too
only 2 months and ur gone
my poor Aerosol pls come back

sad is so screwed up..and Aerosol was sent to a vet for adoption..all because of Mr Micheal LEE from MCKL..we brought Aerosol home secretly and started feeding was so small and cute..i can still remember he's eyes wasn't functioning well. so all he did was following our foot steps..running around without any fear for humans..

well of cos it grew up and started doing its own stuff..sleep around ..sit under the sunlight..having fun wif a tennis ball.. or some times we rap him up wif a started growing nails and gave a lot of scars on my hands..bad kitty..but its still worth it.. i get to have a cat to greet me when ever i come back from college..the worst thing about when he saw us walking into the kitchen..he will start meowing so freaking loud and annoying..

having Aerosol around is like constant fun and happiness...but now.. even staying at home makes me wanna whack Mr Micheal..

he found out we had a cat in the apartment and because its a college apartment of cos there will be rules for no pets allowed(that's just bull crap)

one day he came and took Aerosol away..without telling us.the Gay dude Adrian also living in the apartment begged him to give it we took it to a vet at sedang and left it there for adoption..

now my apartment felt so empty..everyday watching Aerosol's towel and blanket..HAIZ....what is gone, is gone...there's no way the college will change the might as well just forget it...

this is when its still young

playing wif his tennis ball

in his fav. towel

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