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Friday, November 16, 2007

BORED!!!!!!!... and i'm gonna miss everyone..

i've finished my ausmat... now wht..staying in kl and way man..i wanna go out ..i wanna have fun...i wanna meet my frens everyday......!!!!and my laptop's sick..stupid virus...lost my phone and was found in Elain's hair's too long and i'm sick of it..worst of all i missed my chance to go out wif Rach..wht a dum ass i am not to go wif her..letting her go walk around in the mall i'm thinking..wht am i suppose to do after i leave kl.. i cant simply just forget all the good times i have in kl and all the good frens i hang out wif...they've marked my life wif a permanent marker..and i'm gonna miss them..i wonder if they also fell the same way about me...if i just realise this earlier, i would have done more..

2 more weeks then i'm out of kl..gonna leave my frens..time is running out and i better do something...boys and girls from mckl!!! i'm gonna miss u all..and next year mckl will have no more shuffler..haha..ok back to my emo times now...byee..(btw i didnt choose to be emo..its just the feeling dont call me emo..)thx...

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