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Saturday, December 1, 2007

home sweet home.. but not the same house..

life sucks as usual, woke up in the morning, finish prepared and went to the airport for my flight back to sibu..turns out that my luggage was over weight by 5 kg.. and u know how airasia chops u up in to pieces by charging 15 bucks per extra kg..damn.. i have to pay 75 bucks.. there goes my new pair of shoes..even worst, my hand carried was over weight also and those air asia retards wanted my to check in.. another 15 kg? no way i'm gonna do that man...stupid mofos..i have to take out my books and leave it in kl...haiz.. glad thats over..had a shaky flight,noisy also.. sitting beside 2 annoying dumass bimbo wannabe lady speaking in foo chow bout their tuition classes,talking about every students.. i couldnt even sleep peacefully..somemore switch on the hand phone during landing...stupid dunggus..

when i got back home..SHOCKED nya.. my house is totally different(just finish renovating).and my room looks new and chun..except for the woody smell after the feels good to be home again.. but then again, i'm gonna miss kl more MV.. no more vishalachi more time square.. no more sunway.. no more shisha..Uncle Don's!!!i miss more indian machas around anymore...haiz..btw.. for all the mckl students who knows me and reading my blog, i'll miss u guys..and hope can see u guys again..maybe next year..hehe..ciao..

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