Crossing Boundaries For A Better View

Thursday, December 6, 2007

wanna see my newly renovated house?

here's some pics for u all living in kl.. this is just the tour of my house(not very tidy actually.needa clean it up) .. u haven't seen the pics i took for the whole dont u ever say we live on trees and shit in caves.. get me!!??

this is the outside view

here's the living room

upstairs.....quite messy

thats my mum watching tv..

the awesome wardrobe

window view form my house..hehehe

ooops.. my cam's running out of juice...more to come boys and girls...
and Elain..still wanna come to sibu or not????hhehehe..


  1. Wow....tat's YOUR wardrobe!? No fair! It's way bigger than a girl's!!

  2. wei...i said THE awesome wordrob
    .not MY awesome wordrob..and some more it so freaking colourful.knowing me for so long edi still dont know i only wear black and white only...haiyo..