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Monday, December 10, 2007


guess wht.. bad month brings bad luck...i'm sick, i have a pimple on my lips and worse of all.. i slammed the freaking car door on my thumb....PAIN!!!!!!cracked my nail and bleed..Rach. i know u would love to see those blood dripping out of my thumb.. but I'm not gonna post it up...hahahaha!!!

seriously..i almost fainted when i saw all the blood dripping from my thumb....puked all my dinner out which i just had at my fren's shop..damn...stupid u know i cant stand blood...unlike Rach, she's crazy bout blood...i guess i'm just not good enough to study med la...enough about that..

i went fishing ....again...caught 3 and guess wht.. i saw a shooting star..amazing...for those of u who had seen it before, u know wht i mean.. its not like the shooting stars in the movies... so smooth and dim and perfect....what i saw, was magnificent bright and clear...and its not smooth.. its something that u wont expect to was burning half way, black out and started burning again and gone..totally different from the movies... hahaha...i guess thats the only luck i get for this month..jingle was complaining how jealous she was for living in a city where u cant even see the stars and i'm seeing shooting stars in sibu... i guess nice sibu town life is really better then kl city life..

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  1. Hey, I don't take pleasure in gory and accidents kay. You'd better take care of that thumb of yours. And don't say you're not cut out for med. Even I would get dizzy headed if I were to see a chicken decapitated in front of me
    PS : Try lettin your blood drip into the water where you're fishing it would serve as a nice fish bait :)