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Thursday, June 19, 2008

its been a long time...7 months?

i haven't been blogging for like 7 months already and i still remember my password and account.. miracles.. as u all know I'm studying in Melbourne for almost 5 months already and this is the 1st time i post something up since last year end.i guess u guys will be asking me "hows Melbourne?? hows studies??" yada yada yada..Melbourne is fine and cold, and my studies are great and i miss all of u back in Malaysia. happy? ha ha..once again i'm studying with a bunch of frens who are younger then me. just like old times back in MCKL. my close frens in class is a white guy.Matt. crazy person. and a philipino girl.Lezly.crazy person too.lifes good when u meet people like urself.. haha..

so what's so different about aussie comparing to Malaysia?? the biggest difference will be the pants they're wearing.SERIOULY.. they wear tight pants and i know u guys will be "damn tight pants...emo".. No! tight pants doesnt mean emo to them. its a fashion totally different from emo according to them. and they wear track pants ( girls wear them as PJs in asia) and to them is like jeans to us. and slowly i'm being influence by them except for the track pants. fashion in melbourne is all dull..the colours are all dark and grayish which is a good thing to me...cos i like dull coloured cloths. haha.. however its hard for me to shop cos i'm too stingy, and until now i'm still converting the currency.

what i'm missing alot here is the student lounge time like i had back in MCKL..the student lounge in my uni sucks real bad.. even though we have a pool table in the lounge, its still a crapy piece of shit. and worst of all u have to pay to play.. MCKL lounge has something they dont, which is the fellowship of frens in there.. everone knows everyone and we can get into any conversation easily. however. the student lounge in my uni is like a quite room. not much of a place to be proud of. so all u mckl students, appreciate wht u have now in mckl.

ever since i came to melbourne, i've been searching for malaysian food. and guess what? i found some. and they are quite good.. theres a place called ampang restaurant. i know wht ur thinking now.. yes they make yong tao fu.and they are good too. and i can find kickapoo there which u cant find it anywhere else in melbourne. hahaha.

guess whts for birthday? eggs and soy sauce with water. i was forced by church members to wear just a Tshirt and a short pants. i have to sit outside in the back yard where the weather was 9 C.cold.. so cold.. they crack eggs and pour soy sauce on my head they the finale.. a bucket of cold water during such a cold night.damn its cold..ah well.. it was fun.. dont know who started it but its been done to almost all the MYF members in my church during their birthdays..

concerts i missed out when i'm in melbourne:
  • muse
  • dj tiesto
now waiting for cold play. still dont know when but thats a must go concert. Elaine Loh.. now i know why u wanna go for concerts so much.
oh and good news.. i'll be going to kl this year end if i get good results.. haha.. dont worry i'll try my best.heehehee...

i think thats all for tonight.. i need some sleep.. its 2.30 am now.


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  1. Melvin!!ms angeline here.din know u went to melbourne.anyways,just dropped by to say hi and hope u take care:)God bless