Crossing Boundaries For A Better View

Saturday, July 26, 2008

nice to see, but it hurts like hell!!!

well its me again and my whackoo expression wif my cousin beside me...hehe..Shouting "Snow!! how nice", and its my 1st time seeing a snowy night..lately i went on a skiing trip with a group of 10..for a person like me that never see snow that much, i'm seriously fascinated, on the way up to falls creek(snow resort), i can see little patches of snow along the road getting bigger and bigger and soon it became like narnia. except with the road and a few road signs.

NARNIA but no

looks more like the scenery in movie "the village"
its funny that all the cars parked along the road were covered with snow and everyone of it looks like a produa kancil wif a damn high top. slightly like the pope mobile in when he's in sydney.

people scraping off the snow on their car

the kancil look-a-like snow covered car.
After arriving at fallscreek, things went bad for me. i lost my beany and my ears are so cold.until its numb.and waiting for the on snow transport took us 3 hours of waiting time. by the time we get to our apartment, it was already 7pm..carrying an empty stomach was a bad idea when ur up in the mountains..u get cold easily and slows down ur movement.

onsnow transport thingy.. cool ey??
ok enough about dying in snow. lets talk about how painful the skiing really was.for a person like me that shuffles, its obvious that i have good body balance, but NO!! it was horrible when ur in skis.i fell countless times andmy body hurts like hell the next day.mid night was fun..took some pictures of stupid poses out in the snow and i really look stupid..

i look so stupid here.

the 2nd time touching was awesome!!(1st time was in NZ)

overall it was a good trip..good experience..but too much of pain..the purpose of going on this trip was suppose to take pictures of snow and ice and i did..
thats not all i have to say about this trip..theres still more but i cant be bothered to talk about it.. haha. well the snow was fun and i would like to go again but i wont ski.. never ever again..


  1. hey y dnt u hv a cbox!!! hahaha


  2. SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know, you could have torn your lateral tibiotalar ligament with that fall XD