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Friday, June 12, 2009

End of 1st sem

i'm done with exams!!! and i'm tired and sleepy and bored!! and i saw the most expensive Tshirt ever!!! EVER!!! the places my frens bring me to... located in some hidden stair ways..the tshirts were 300 bucks!!!! the jackets were 2500 bucks!!!!!! imaging the lenses that i could invest in with that kind of money!!! problem is i dont have that kinda money!! haha...

anyway.. i manage to survive after so many days of studying and such little sleep.. and i'm still awake now.. why?? i dont know..
i feel like sleeping but i cant.. the after exams excitement is still flowing in my head!!

recently my brother told me to try out some architectural photography.. its pretty interesting. i was going to look for a building for a test shoot but i couldnt find one.. its really hard to do it when everything in the city is so packed... no space to get a good shot of the elements of the building.

so i took a walk around GPO melbourne and saw this flower shop.. FLOWERS!!! haha.. i've took some photos of them and only 2 turned out ok..

this is Matt from my class making his usual on photo face

below are some of my water droplet photos taken in the morning and after raining. winter is the best time to get these shots. the gloomy weather gives a even distribution of light.. meaning no over exposed areas in the photos!!! my favorite season for photos.
anyway guys and girls.. i'm pretty sleepy now.. i guess blogging does make me feel sleepy?!!?!
have fun viewing.. cheers!!!


  1. Hey nice pics!! esp the droplets one!! I am so jealous of you now cuz you finished exams!! :( I feel so sleepy I jus wanna head to bed...