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Thursday, June 4, 2009

EXAMS coming!!!

MAN.......... i hate exams. sorry for neglecting this blog for such a long time.. i was having continuous incoming of assignments and guess what!! next week is my mid year exams!! such a bad time management my TAFE has.. as u all know, winter is coming or maybe it is winter already, which also mean flu season. and i've just recovered from my flu.. but still i am feeling fainty these feel days.. dont know if its because of lack of sleep due to my constant hard work on my assignments and revision. OR, maybe i'm like my mother always getting hypoglycemia ( low blood sugar, feels like fainting). oh and i bought myself a beany!! and for a big headed guy like me, it kinda fits!! so happy about it. now i can keep my head warm without looking like an idiot!! YOSH!!

then again this is my photoblog and i promise myself to upload some photos up for every post.. and yes, again i had a "short" break on a Saturday morning 2 weeks ago with my housemates of photographers to boxhill park "again" for a photo shoot!!! we call it "photojog" by the way.. don't know why.. hehe..
here's one of my housemates who just bought her 1st DSLR, and she's pretty excited!!!! she's photographing everything in site!!! hahaah.. good practice!

this is one of my favorites that day!! i wish i have a macro lens to get a lot closer to the water droplets!!

i was one step away from these pigeons. when there's food, i'm invisible to them!!

another flower shot.
and this is my absolute favorite!!!

alright everyone!! i wont be posting anything up for the next 2 weeks!! exam period.. need to study.. enjoy!! and please do comment!!

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