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Friday, May 15, 2009

Assignments!!! and my FLU!!! and oily lamb chops...

hi again. sorry for not posting anything up lately. as the title of this post indicated, i've been busy with my assignments. 6 assignments within 2 weeks!! seriously... i dont know what my teachers are thinking.. everything is so unorganized.
and i'm sick!! same thing every year, cough, sneeze, sore throat, block nose, headache, and stomachache. pretty bad. and i'm sick of my assignments too.

anyway.. i'm feeling better now. after eating all that fisherman's friend mints. i just realized that those sweets are so mint, they unblock ur nose!!!! how good is that??!!!
it was my turn to cook last Wednesday. i made the most unhealthy food i've ever. lamb chop cooked in over flowing butter!!! soooooooo oily, i feel like having a heart attack after that meal. and i burnt my finger from oil splash. but overall the meal was good.

and today i had a photo session with my housemate at boxhill park. ohhh yeeessss...which means u guys will have some photos to look at!!!!

that is Justin at the back taking photos of my stupid poses when i'm taking photos of some mushrooms on the grass.
these are some wild mushrooms that grew around boxhill park and its about 3cm tall. and i spotted it!!!haha
and this little tennis ball was there for no reason
its the tennis ball again
and Justin picked it up!! look at his photographer's hands!!!

Flower Shots!!
this is a weird shot that i took. the petals of the flower seems to be sharp but the inside is so bokeh!! hahah..
this is my favorite shot of the day!! half opened mini sunflower!

i tried out some colour editing and found out how some people made their photos look like jay chow's movie!!! hahaha...
little sprout growing out from scratch!! awesome little greens.

anyway.. enjoy guys!!! i need to carry on with my assignments now!!!
have a nice weekend!!!

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