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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Flowers and Greens

after moving in to a new place, i've been having this more 'organized' life going on. i stop snoozing my alarm in the morning and wake up straight away. i keep my stuff organized. except for my room (typical guy's room). and i actually walk to the station instead of taking a bus when the bus station is right in front of my house!!??! hahaha...something really weird is happening to me!!

tonight we had a small gathering with most of the CMYF members at my place, and we had steamboat for dinner!!!! i was forced to tidy up my room cos ppl will be coming in to look at my photos.hehe!! its a good thing too cos my room is now awesomely tidy!!!

anyway... i've been craving for flower shots ever since i got my camera. walking around the neighbourhood seems to be the best way to look for awesome flowers in melbourne.. not even the parks have flowers that good. its so weird around here. my mum wont be surprised to see me taking photos of my dad's orchids back in malaysia. its a whole backyard of orchids!!
here are some photos of flowers taken in melbourne for u guys to enjoy!!!

those are the flowers and now the photos from boxhill park. the light was awesome and so i had a fren to pose for me on the greens..
have fun viewing!!!! cheers!

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