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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Babysitting the little devils!!

as usual i have friday off from uni so i went to my cousin's place for a visit. it was fun for a while until his sister called for some babysitting help. i've never done any babysitting before so its pretty new for me. and so i went there to babysit 2 of them, and my cousin warned me that one of them is really really really naughty. it wasnt a pleasent notice for me since i'm not well trained with dealing with little kids. an hour past and everything went really well!! no crys no screams no poo in the pants.. its a miracle hahah... good thing i brought my camera with me so i got a few shots of them. as u all know kids wont stand still for photos and the environment was too dark, meaning slower shutter speed and more blur!! badddd!!!

however one of them called jeremy, likes to pose for the camera.. amazing!! haha. it was fun working with such an obidient kid. its hard to find such a non hyperactive little kid. oh and they bought a dog!! its called snowball.. pisses everywhere whenever its being carried..NASTY!! here are some shots of them..


  1. wow nice. i like the 3rd and the last photos the best!

  2. snowball! aww how cute o.o ah! i like the 7th and 8th, like the lighting and all and esp how it shows the character of a kid ;D

    ps: see me so supportive ahaha